Welcome to my world where melody flies like a punchline! I am a colorful man who writes music and controls the sound of an orchestra!  I am a full blooded entertainer whose middle initial is B for Bad-Ass.  Versatility is the name of my game and spittin’ rhymes on beat and time will be the claim to fame. I am good at what I do and I view ‘talent’ as just another word for ‘passion’. I am D.B. Dickerson – Welcome!



As an artist I feel the need to express my art through movies and music. Hand me an instrument and I’ll make it shake! I mix/master/write/record and I now produce. I give my best to everything. My objective is to spread joy through the gift of entertainment. New music on the way…Here is a Rap Reel and an art song I wrote a few years back (Me on all instruments).


Not only am I a rapper, but I am an actor who has appeared in studio films such as Dreamworks’ “Real Steel” and “LOL” starring Miley Cyrus. I can currently be seen in Moontrap: Target Earth available at a Redbox near you. I play Eli.




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