Welcome to my world where melody flies like a punchline! I am a colorful man who writes music and controls the sound of an orchestra!  I am a full blooded entertainer whose middle initial is B for Bad-Ass.  Versatility is the name of my game and spittin’ rhymes on beat and time will be the claim to fame. I am good at what I do and I view ‘talent’ as just another word for ‘passion’. I am D.B. Dickerson – Welcome!



As an artist I feel the need to express my art through movies and music. Hand me an instrument and I’ll make it shake! I mix/master/write/record and I now produce. I give my best to everything. My objective is to spread joy through the gift of entertainment.


Not only am I a rapper from Detroit, but, I am an actor who has appeared in studio films such as Dreamworks’ “Real Steel” and “LOL” starring Miley Cyrus. You can catch me in the upcoming Moontrap sequel due out later this year where I play Eli.




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